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Prop Film & TV Props Metal Work- Bespoke Fabrications

Monkmans can accommodate and fulfil bespoke casting for the Film and TV industry.

Monkman Brass Foundry have previously undertaken custom metal casting work for a variety of films and TV productions such the as Harry Potter Films, The Davinci Code Films and many more.

If you require metal castings for your Television , Film or Theatre productions, please complete our enquiry form for your custom required work

Bespoke casting for Film and TV – please fill in our enquiry form below.

Please give as much details as you can, especially timescales as we know this can be hugely important.

Monkman Foundrys are one of the only independent traditional small business foundrys left in England

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You may have seen our work already!

As one of the only surviving small foundrys in the Yorkshire area, we are proud to say that we service the film and TV industry with bespoke and unique articles that may be regularly seen on your screens

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Monkman Brass Founders
3 Broom St, Broomfields
West Yorkshire BD4 7APv

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Founded 1950

non-ferrous metal foundry

Brass, Aluminium, Bronze, Lead & Gun Metal Castings

Monkmans Brass Foundry s a non-ferrous metal foundry that casts all different types of metal work, ranging from large signs to small detailed castings.

We use aluminium, brass, bronze, lead and gun metal.

Founded over 70 Years ago, we have extensive experience in metal craftsmanship using top quality materials.

Monkmans Brass Foundry Logo

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