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Brass Castings

Traditional Hand Made Brass Castings

Our high-quality brass castings are the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications. Made using traditional foundry methods , our brass castings are durable, reliable, and built to last.

With a wide range of shapes and sizes made bespoke to your requirements, our brass castings are suitable for multiple uses and applications in everything from industrial machinery and equipment to decorative sculpture and art.

Brass offers excellent strength and corrosion resistance, our brass castings are ideal for use in harsh environments where other materials may fail.

Whether you are looking for a long-lasting and reliable component for your machinery or a unique and eye-catching piece of art, we can produce brass castings made to order short or long run.

High quality Bespoke & Volume Brass Castings.

Monkman Brass Foundry, Based in West Yorkshire can undertake commissions for many types of non-ferrous castings.

Our Foundry team are specialists in production of high quality Non-Ferrous Bespoke and Volume Castings for a variety of applications and uses .

We are highly recommended by a number of councils and businesses and provide superior metal casting craftsmanship to our customers along with a friendly and professional service.

We have undertaken a wide variety of casting work from Lead Washers for Oil Rigs to the Film & TV Industry.

Examples of Our Work

Custom BRASS Castings Commisions

We can undertake commissions for many types of castings – below are some examples of the castings we provide for different industries:

  • Rail – Trains signs usually replica signs of bygone times.
  • Engineering – Steam valves, Impellers and Phosphor Bronze Bearings.
  • Film Sets – Film Prop Castings – most famously the Harry Potter & Davinci Code Films
  • Commercial Use – Various signs including Imitation Victorian Road, walking and cycle Signs
  • Marine – Pumps & Bearings
  • Boats – Brass Boat Signs, seen on the side of Canal Boats.
  • Local Councils – War Memorial Signs.
  • Domestic Use – All bespoke signs catered for.

The majority of the patterns we use are loose patterns and our main types of moulding sands are green sand and air set sand.

We can cast various sizes of metal ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot long with various shapes and sizes.

Our customers can also provide their own casting patterns to produce their individual non-ferrous metal castings.

Areas we have Worked in

Some of the areas we have worked in over the last 50 plus years are highlighted below

  • Architectural Work
  • Engineering Work
  • Metal Cast Polishing
  • Castings Pattern Making
  • Ornamental Castings Work

We also undertake metal casting work for others areas that may not be listed here:

For more details on how we can help your project – please do not hesitate to contact us .

We specialise in plaques and signs lead castings and all can be either designed in-house, or by you and are made exactly to our customers requirements.We also undertake work from companies wanting to replace old iron counter-weights to lead on dumb waiters etc.We can Manufacture any lead pattern / sand mould to your exact specification.As one of the only surviving small foundrys in the Yorkshire area, we are proud to say that we service the film and TV industry with bespoke and unique articles that may be regularly seen on your screens!Please fill in our contact form with your ideas or bespoke requirements in Brass, Lead, Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.For Film and TV enquiries and to have “stuff made for TV / Film ”
Monkmans Brass Foundry Logo

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